28 01 2007

….or should that be ‘nite’? Midnight is a funny time of night. Don’t want to go to sleep, don’t want to miss anything, but hey, some people have work to go to in the morning! Luckily my dog keeps me sane. His schedule is regular with a capital R. Meet Smudge.

Smudge, one year old

I know. Ahhhhh. What a beautiful dog. Smudge is a cocker poo, cocker spaniel and poodle cross. And he’s got ME for his mum….. I grew up totally scared of dogs! Meeting Smudge changed my attitude 🙂

If he was human, he’d be forever regaling the pub regulars with his tall ‘tails’ and funny stories, nipping off for a quick sail down the coast and a dip in the sea. This dog LOVES the water, can’t get him out! He’s even got his own lifejacket heh heh. At the seaside, I have to wade into the water to drag him out. Here he models his swanky lifejacket.

But mum, where's the water?

Smudge is a type of assistance dog called a Hearing Dog, he’s trained to tell me about lots of sounds around the office and home as I’m profoundly deaf. He tells me when the phone rings, or there’s someone at the door (or not!), and lots of other sounds, and gets rewarded with a biscuit for doing this. He’s really clever. A bit too clever. He has sussed out that he can blag it and maybe still get his biscuit, he can get really excited – there’s someone at the door mum, hurry up! quick! let’s go! c’mon! – I open the door, and there’s no one there……and it’s 3am. (‘Biscuit, mum?’ with such an innocent look) Hmmmmm. Smartass.




4 responses

2 02 2007
Al Martine

Hi Tina,

I like the blog. Smudge is a real life stuffed animal. 🙂

4 02 2007


Well fancy meeting you here LOL

I think you have an important message to get across and this blog is charming too, so keep at it

14 06 2007

Not that I don’t like dogs as I have a dog as a pet.
When you have the technology flashing door bell etc why need a hearing dog?

Trying to think of a advantage a hearing dog over modern equipment user …. not having to replace batteries?

9 03 2017
A deaf blog can change the way you see the world - 121 Captions

[…] also wrote about my hearing dog, Smudge. Smudge quickly became more popular than me. His kind, intelligent eyes and charming nature had […]

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