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31 01 2007

I went to the BBC studios today to do a spot of filming about banking facilities for deaf people. Watch it on See Hear on 17 February. And start getting mad.

Who likes going to the bank? Hands up

Who doesn’t like going to the bank because a) you’re deaf and b) they play loud music to drown out conversations being held in an open plan area with hard surfaces so hearing people can’t hear each other and deaf people can’t hear at all and c) they act as if you have leprosy when you start using sign language? Hands up (9.5 million in the UK)

Who likes telebanking? Hands up

Who doesn’t like telebanking because you’re deaf and can’t use a telephone, so use a) Captel – the bank hangs up before you can say Oi I’m Still On The Line Don’t Hang Up! b) Typetalk – No Sorry We Can’t Talk to You As There is a Third Party on The Line Even Though Typetalk Operators Sign The Official Secrets Act c) Minicom – there’s just no point. You get an answermachine and they don’t even have the courtesy to call you back. Then they say yes their staff are trained to use a minicom. But they didn’t have anyone available at the time. And if they are honest, they will admit that no one knew how to use it therefore they didn’t pick up the call. Hands up (9.5 million people in the UK)

Isn’t this a piss-take? Your money is sitting in a bank and you can’t get access to your account because your ears don’t work that well. Huh? Run that one by me again? Which planet am I on?

Guys, get your act together. Fast.




2 responses

9 02 2007
Kyle Sterry

Hey Tina, lovely blog with oozes of personality!

It was good to meet you at See Hear, it appears banking is one of the biggest problems for all kinds of deaf people.

I’ll be sure to pop by your place the next time I’m in London village.


14 06 2007

Luckly things got easier with banking online so I never have to face or go into the bank again.

Different story if there is a cock up with the account and you have to see them face to face.
Just bring noisy children and see their stress levels go up and the job gets done (works every time) as they wouldn’t be able to face children running riot 🙂

They go along the lines of couldn’t you arrange for someone to look after the children and my reply will be ” are you offering to ring my mother inlaw or child care services to look after them ?”
penny finally does drop!!

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