BSL interpreted tour at the Tate Modern

1 02 2007

BSL interpreted tours are given at the Tate Modern every month and these are a great way to learn about different artists as well as meeting old friends and networking within the deaf community.

I went to see an exhibition recently, The Unilever Series by Carsten Holler, which was a series of huge slides. The artist wondered what effect sliding would have on our daily routine, and could it become part of our daily lives? We could try this out for ourselves by sliding down the slides on a mat, some were better than others as they started from different floors and had different gradients. We landed at the bottom in a heap with a fit of giggles. Certainly enjoyable, especially as our group had an open bar, hehehe – perfect! Of course, as usual, I was the last one to be kicked out, with a goodie bag, hip hip. My greedy friend had three!



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