A thumbs up to Marks & Spencer

3 02 2007

I popped into a M&S branch at London Bridge on my way home yesterday, just to get a bottle of wine. Hah. Of course, I ended up with an armful of goodies. I was standing in a long queue, tired from a long day at work, my Hearing Dog Smudge was being bolshie, I had a couple of bags and my armful of goodies. A burly security guard came over to me and said something,

– ‘mumble, mumble, mutter’

– ‘errr…. what?’ (me)

– ‘mutter, mumble’

I shrugged my shoulders, expecting to be showed the exit as I had Smudge with me, and I’m used to being asked to leave various shops. The guard unhooked the elastic queue guides and waved me out of the queue. I thought, ‘here we go.’ He waved me over to the end of the shop, where the checkout tills finished, and said something unintelligible to the checkout girl. She smiled at me and the guard nodded at me, so I stood there, not sure what to expect. The checkout operator finished serving a customer, and started serving me instead of asking for the next customer in the queue. Ooops. She even pointed at the register when it totalled the bill, instead of expecting me to understand what she had said.

I’ll certainly go back there again! 🙂



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