New gadget – virtual keyboard

12 02 2007

I’ve spent a good bit of the weekend lugging my new toys from London to Newbury and back, to get them synchronised, working together, working properly, working at all….argh! It’s certainly never as easy as it says on the tin.

I got a VKB (virtual keyboard) as I send so many text messages. This gadget allows me to type text messages on an infrared qwerty keyboard – I get cramp with a normal mobile so when I saw this, I thought it was worth a try. To set this up, you have to download software onto your computer and then synchronise your mobile with your computer, so the mobile recognises and works with the VKB. Now, the snag is that only some mobiles will work with a VKB. Luckily, I have a smartphone which is compatible. I couldn’t get the software to download to the computer so I turned in desperation to my brother-in-law. He can fix anything – we’re polar opposites. I can break anything. So. It got downloaded and synchronised. But then we discovered the VKB wasn’t charged up (what did I tell ya?). It’s getting charged up this week and it’s fingers crossed. Hooray.




2 responses

13 02 2007
Kyle Sterry

I’ve been warned that its not the most comfortable way to type using that infrared keyboard, but not personally tried one myself, I was very tempted a few years back to save deskspace!

13 02 2007

Well if I flog it, you can be first in the queue!

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