Hearing aids and the future….

28 02 2007

Well I didn’t get my fancy bright coloured hearing aids after all…..I’m still lumbered with the boring beige ones from the NHS. Some of my friends have bright red or blue hearing aids, coloured earmoulds, sparkly earmoulds, earmoulds with football emblems embedded within them. Great stuff. We’re well on the way on what I call our ‘journey’ of accepting hearing loss.

Lots of people aren’t though, and don’t like other people to see they’re wearing hearing aids. Hence the standard boring beige colour and transparent earmoulds. Remember how it used to be embarrassing to wear glasses? Then they became trendy. Now they’re a cool fashion item. Wouldn’t it be great if hearing aids became a fashion item too? What do we have to do to make wearing hearing aids fashionable and cool? I think it’s about changing attitudes to hearing loss and offering products in fashionable colours and designs. But hey, maybe I’m wrong.

Last year there was an exhibition at the V&A in London, demonstrating how hearing products might look in the future. Get an eyeful of these, they are Hear-rings and I want one!



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1 03 2007

Thanks for linking to my blog!

I know the feeling when it comes to beige ones as well. I’m sorry you were unable to get them in the colors you wanted. You may be able to send them to the company to get the case changed, but you may have to pay a fee.

Good luck with the new hearing aids!

14 06 2007

I am happy with the boring beige ones.
I remember when at school an black child wasn’t happy with the colour beige when he wanted black ones. Must admit it didn’t look right on him but thankfully now a days we can get all sort of colours.

As for fashion The Smiths british band the singer Morrisey wore the old style hearing aids ( the ones you wear on hip and it leads to ear) on Top of the Pops I was excited seeing a deaf person but I realised he was trying to make it look cool and wasn’t deaf.

For everyone reading this I know the different between a hearing aids and the behind ear that all presenters wear etc

14 06 2007

On link look at Ian McKinley, UK comments 🙂

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