3 03 2007

Not everything in the media is subtitled, which is a pity, as there are 9 million people in this country who would benefit and be able to enjoy cinema, TV, theatre and DVDs like everyone else. Just think, if all the media around you had no sound. Eastenders would just be a set of boring moving dummies. Would you be able to enjoy it? Not much!

It’s sooo annoying when you watch a DVD, video or Sky movie and there are no subtitles. Imagine going to the cinema and trying to lip read Superman. Errghhh. Subtitled showings are becoming more available around the country, although a lot more work needs to be done. There are not enough films shown and a lot of films are shown during a weekday. Do they think deaf people don’t work?! Well, at least they can get concessions which is something…

Subtitles have improved greatly though….. haven’t they? 😉

Come on, would the British media industry please wake up and smell the coffee! Deaf and Hard of Hearing people like to watch films too!

In America, it’s a slightly different story. They have RWC – Rear Window Captioning – which hasn’t arrived in the UK yet.




One response

14 06 2007

I have yet to go to cinema to watch a subtitled film as most are on stupid times of the day.
Subscribed to the subtitled screening email I still watch out for films that I am interested.

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