Subtitled cinema : Blood Diamond

7 03 2007

I went to see subtitled Blood Diamond, starring (a likeable) Leonardo DiCaprio, Dijmon Hounsou, and Jennifer Connelly. Set during Sierra Leone’s civil war of the 1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a South African ex-mercenary who makes an unlikely union with a Mende fisherman in a quest to find a rare diamond.

The film was great, and the African scenery was just stunning. It was a very sad film though, bringing home the reality of conflict diamonds and the resulting suffering in Africa. Rough diamonds are used by rebel movements or their allies to finance armed conflict aimed at undermining legitimate governments. Profits from the trade in conflict diamonds were used to buy arms, children were trained to be soldiers and people often had their hands cut off….

You can read about it here – Blood Diamonds:Tracing the deadly path of the world’s most precious stones

There were only 4 of us in the cinema theatre, which was great. They forgot to put the subtitles on – durrrr …. Hey Guys It’s a SUBTITLED Screening, Where are the Subtitles?! Off I went to complain and we had it sorted within a few minutes. Smudge was quite restless, perhaps due to the soundtrack, there was lots of shooting in the film. I should’ve given him some popcorn – stuck to his teeth, that would have kept him busy for hours….. hehehe

You can find out about subtitled UK screenings here and register for a weekly email listing.




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2 02 2008

You can also find captioned trailers at that site.
Blood Diamond:

You have sophisticated tastes in movies!

21 07 2010
Catherine Mellor

You went to a cinema theater to see an English speaking movie that had subtitles! Oh! You lucky thing. Hasn’t happened yet for me!

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