Stores commit active discrimination!

31 03 2007

I went shopping with a friend today, who also wears hearing aids. As we went through a store doorway, the anti-theft system started screaming. It turned out he had a loose hearing aid battery rolling around in his pocket (yes, just one, ahem) and this had set off the anti-theft system. When I had stopped laughing, he explained this happens to him frequently, and he is always getting searched. What fun.

Cochlear implants have been known to set off such scanners. Wearers should carry the Cochlear Implant Patient Identification Card with them at all times. Some cochlear implant recipients may hear a brief loud buzz or distorted sound sensation when passing through or near such scanners. To avoid this, turn off the speech processor when you pass through.

This interference is always picked up by analogue hearing aids but not so often with digital aids – perhaps the digital aids recognise interference and filter it out. Analogues can pick up a mobile phone in use at 10 yards, you can have great fun ‘predicting’ an incoming phone call, I used to say ‘Your phone is about to ring’ and I would get an amazed stare when it rang a few seconds later, hehehe. With digitals, pickup is down to about 10 centimetres. In supermarkets there can be a hell of a buzz from the fridge cabinets but you have to be literally inside. Standing there looking is alright for shoppers, but what about the shelf fillers that work there?

An old lady told of her hearing aids going mad in one area of her local store. The store manager’s reaction was ‘Oh gosh, what do I do now?’ He sighed with relief when my colleague said, ‘Invite me up with my loop meter.’ He spent a happy 90 minutes wandering round and identified the problem area, and left him promising to get the maintenance people in sharpish (which he did). What caused it? A wiring fault.




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1 04 2007

Yeah thats problem they are not thinking about deaf people or hard of hearing.

14 06 2007
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