A thought for Easter

6 04 2007

Was Peter deaf? Or did he really deny Jesus three times?

How people deal with hearing loss has certainly changed throughout the ages. The biggest problem deaf people have now, as they had then, is communicating with people who are not deaf. Historically, this was perceived to be the deaf person’s problem, nowadays the perception seems to be slowly changing to one of Hey! It’s everybody’s problem! There has always been an expectation on the deaf person to learn a spoken language that they cannot hear, but there has been no expectation on the hearing person to learn a visual language that they can see. Why the inequality? It’s pretty unfair, no?

– But hey, can we truly forgive? Are we capable of real compassion? Maybe we should be thankful for what progress we have today. Hopefully the new Disability Equality Duty will go some way to redressing this inequality.




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7 04 2007

Interesting blog post. Reminds me of a verse in a poem I featured on my blog a while ago, written by a young woman (teen) who is losing her hearing. She said:

“We consider the love of our dear ones
that are the ones who breaks our hearts.
Not everybody has a family like yours.
Your aunt supported you, mine doesn’t.
She even hates it when I sign.
What does she call it???
Oh yes, a Language with a code
that is too complicated for her to learn.

That’s right but I’m suppose to learn to lip read.
Yea, ok.” …

I think you’ve painted a clear picture. Communication is a two-way responsibility.

~ LaRonda

7 04 2007

I agree with your thoughts. 🙂

7 04 2007
Freddy Ryan

I stole two coins on Tuesday
And caroused them on red wine,
The Romans caught me Wednesday
For the first and last time.
They tried me at the drumhead
Rough justice, quick and clean
And they nailed here this Friday
Beside a Nazarene.

Now of all the thieves that ever thieved
They say I was the best-
As child and boy and man I thieved
With joy at every test.
I robbed from purse and pocket,
Swift shadow seldom seen,
But now I’m nailed up this Friday,
Beside a Nazarene.

There are me born to shepard,
And roam the mountain high
And men born to fish the sea
Whose live like ships drift by.
And some are bred for soldiering
For sword and shield and greaves
And some like me for alleyways,
And the shadow world of thieves.
But I would not change one day of mine
Nor any hour between,
Not even this black Friday
Beside a Nazarene.

For I’ve thieved the joy of ten men’s lives,
In my one and thirty years.
I’ve stolen love from maids and wives,
Thieved respect from my rough peers.

“The Prince Of Rogues”, they’ll morn tonight,
Too quick too sharp too keen,
To be dying at Golgotha,
Beside a Nazarene

But if I had one last wish now,
As the sky splits with red light
And the darkness comes with quickness
Like I used to at night
It’s that they learn of my graetest feat,
How from this hill obscene,
I’m stealing into Heaven now,
Beside a Nazarene…

Good Easter and Spring to all My deaf friends..I’d like to hear from you…Freddy Ryan grandavenuegym@aol.com

12 12 2007
jeff the laser eye surgery pro

Peter was deaf but he could also hear he just chose not to hear at that moment in time. I believe he regreted that choice for the rest of his life and dedicated himself to correcting that error

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