Hearing aid disasters

19 04 2007

Spot the mistakes….

The lady said, “I’ve cut it at an angle like they said at the hospital but it still won’t go through.” It’s cut at the wrong angle – it should be a long cut, almost parallel with the sides…

It’s not working…..?

Has a rubber lining in the sound output. Rubber perishes, expands, jams and gets forced closed. Result, no sound output. Cure? trim a bit off….

Then there was the old lady who produced better part of 100 dead batteries, “I save them I don’t like to waste anything!”
Every one had the sticker carefully replaced. Unfortunately she had her new batteries in there as well…..




2 responses

14 06 2007

YUK… I hate seeing other people ear wax……

16 07 2007
Richard Roehm

Deafread.com missed this important blog entry regarding the future of deaf society. A deaf society that can adapt themselves to make their lives better.


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