Deaf Day at the City Lit, London

21 04 2007

It was a very very busy day! There was so much to see and old friends to catch up with, and ohhh the number of times I said ‘catch up with you later’ and didn’t…. how embarrassing, but I think most people had the same problem.

Teletec exhibited their new WebCaptel service which went live today. I thought it was brilliant, it’s based on the internet and means I can use a handheld device or computer with a phone, and text will be relayed to the screen I’m using, to enable me to place a phone call over the internet.

Hearing Dogs delivered two workshops which were very popular. Deaf recipients gave moving talks on how their dog had changed their lives or given them back their lives.

It’s certainly worth going to, to see the new things that are available for deaf people and to see what is being achieved by deaf people such as artists.




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22 04 2007

I saw today a demonstration of Deaf awareness in Dublin, I wonder are they conected?


22 04 2007

The annual Deaf Day at the City Lit is an amalgamation of UK organisations involved in the deaf world, possibly one of those organisations provided the deaf awareness training. Eire does have it’s own ‘deaf’ organisations though so it’s more likely to be ‘home grown’.

24 04 2007

Very good. Much to see but rather crowded. Don’t know whether it would be practical to spread it over two days. Lots of people meeting old friends and chatting, blocking the corridors, weren’t you Christine?!! So much in fact that a huge number adjourned to the ‘Shakespear’s Head’ in Kingsway afterwards to carry on rabbiting/signing. Enjoyed it very much.

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