Use and locate a public text payphone in the UK

24 04 2007

It’s easy to make BT TextDirect calls using the e-mail and text payphones as the TextDirect access codes are already stored in the phone. The phones include a large screen which will tell you how to make a call using BT TextDirect. Text to text calls are charged at a lower rate than normal voice calls for local and national calls. Textphone users making incoming calls to the payphone you are using, must use BT TextDirect or they will not get through.

If you use a textphone and want to call someone who uses either a textphone or an ordinary voice phone, dial 18001 followed by the number of the person you want to call (remember to include the dialling code)

If you use an ordinary voice phone and you want to call someone using a textphone, simply dial 18002 followed by the dialling code and the number of the person you want to call

If you use a textphone and you need to call the emergency services, dial 18000

If you use a textphone and you are calling from outside the UK dial +44 151 494 1260

If you are using an ordinary voice phone to call a textphone from outside the UK dial +44 151 494 2022


1. Have your phonecard ready

2. Lift the handset and place it on the hook on the left of the payphone. Push your phonecard into the slot as far as it will go and leave it there until the call is finished.

3. Dial the number you wish to call. Watch the red light on the front of the panel. This will flash in time with the ringing or engaged tones. When your call is answered, the text drawer will slide forward revealing a keyboard and display.

4. Type to the other person as usual. If you require a voice announcer, there is a button on the left of the front panel. The person you are calling will hear ‘This is a call from a text payphone’ up to six times.

5. At the end of your call, return the handset to the original position. Your phonecard will be returned and the drawer will close.

Where are the UK public textphones? The BT list is being updated all the time, see here.


Birmingham New Street – main concourse, next to Intercity Lounge
Bristol Temple Mead – booking hall
Cardiff – booking hall
Darlington – Platform 1
Derby – entrance hall
Doncaster – entrance hall
Edinburgh Waverley – on centre group of payphones near Platform 14
Gatwick – main concourse, top of escalators, Platforms 1 & 2
Glasgow Central – next to Burger King, Platform 1
Glasgow Queen Street – main concourse
Liverpool Lime Street – concourse
Manchester Piccadilly – main concourse, opposite ticket office
Marylebone – main concourse, outside coffee shop
Newcastle – main concourse Platform 1, near ticket hall
Oxford – ticket hall
Peterborough – main concourse ticket hall
Plymouth – main concourse ticket hall
Swansea – booking hall
York – main concourse, outside The Coffee Shop

London Bridge – main entrance on main concourse
Cannon Street – main concourse
Charing Cross – central passageway
Euston – main concourse, opposite Platform 12
Kings Cross – 1. Platform 11, 2. on the wall next to Platform 1
Liverpool Street – 1. next to McDonald’s, 2. next to stairs leading to toilets
St Pancras – ticket hall
Victoria – opposite ticket office
Waterloo – 1. top of Eurostar escalator, 2. opposite coffee shop on concourse (need a map to find this one!)


Aberdeen – New Terminal, left hand side of main foyer
Belfast International – near information desk
East Midlands – Landside Departure concourse, opposite bookshop
Edinburgh – main concourse, opposite Sky shop
Gatwick Landside, North Terminal – 2nd Floor, Departures
Gatwick Landside, South Terminal – 2nd Floor, opposite Travellex
Gatwick Airport North Terminal – 2nd Floor, opposite Duty Free area
Gatwick Airport South Terminal – Departure Lounge, opposite Body Shop
Glasgow – 1st Floor, outside John Menzies
Heathrow Terminal 1, Landside – Domestic Baggage Reclaim
Heathrow Terminal 2 – near special needs area
Heathrow Terminal 3, Landside Arrivals – by information desk
Heathrow Terminal 4, Landside Arrivals – by WH Smith & Airside Departure Lounge, inside Comfort & Care area
Newcastle – Level 1 concourse, main building
Manchester – Terminal 1, near enquiry desk
Stansted – Landside Arrivals, next to hotel reservations desk
Southampton – main concourse (1. near check-in area, outside VIP room, and 2. Departure Lounge, opposite coffee shop)


Belfast – Europa Bus Centre, near newsagents


Belfast – Waterfront Concert Hall, Concourse, between exit doors
Birmingham – Institute for the Deaf, main entrance
Birmingham – NEC, Atrium entrance, opposite Business Centre
Birmingham – International Convention Ctr, L3 Mall cloakroom area
Blackpool – Society for the Deaf, 64 Cornwall Avenue
Bristol – Bristol University, Access for Deaf Students, 8 Priory Road
Chelmsford – County Hall, Duke Street
Doncaster – Yorkshire Residential School for the Deaf, Leger Way (Social area Greenway Lodge and Main Building)
Durham – Dept of Deaf Studies, Durham University, Elvet, Riverside 2
Edinburgh – Rutland Street Junction with Lothian Road
Fareham – Council of Community Service, Foresters Hall West, West Street
Glasgow – Glasgow & West of Scotland Deaf Society, 100 Norfolk Street
Gloucester – Gloucester Royal Hospital, main concourse, Great Wester Road
Liverpool – Hope University College, foyer adjacent to gents toilets, Hope Park
London – BBC TV, Wood Green, Wood Lane W12
London – City Lit, reception area, Keeley Street
London – Helen Graham House, YMCA, 57 Great Russell Street WC1
London – NDCS, 15 Dufferin Street
London – The Deaf Service, 146 Bedford Hill SW12
Luton – Barnfield College main entrance, Braningham Business Park, Enterprise Way
Newport – Riverside Centre, outside cafeteria, Town Quay
Nottingham – Deaf Society, inside main entrance, foot of stairs, 22 Forest Road
Plymouth – outside Woolworths, Cornwall Street
Reading – Rivermead Leisure Centre, near entrance to Fitness Factory, Richfield Road


Hemel Hempstead – Marlowes Centre, rear entrance, bottom of car park staircase


M1 Motorway
* Watford Gap southbound – inside entrance
* Watford Gap northbound – inside entrance
* Rothersthorpe southbound – inside entrance
* Rothersthorpe northbound – inside entrance




2 responses

25 04 2007

There’s a lot more than 80 listed on BT’s website

I’ve never used one, mind you.

Steve (from The Village)

22 01 2010

That’s very helpful information, thanks.

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