To see, or not to see that well ….?

30 04 2007


Reading this article on a deaf person having laser eye surgery, I was reminded of the time I almost went blind. That was really really scary. I get hayfever every year and this often gives me conjunctivitis. A few years ago, I had just moved to London and couldn’t register with a doctor for love nor money. They said they were full up and couldn’t take on new patients, or that I lived too far away, or even that I lived on the wrong side of the street! I eventually managed to get in to see a doctor by barging past the receptionist, and he gave me some eyedrops. But because of the delay in getting medical treatment, he referred me to a hospital eye clinic, but I was told to go see my optician first. That was a scary consultation, as the optician brought in a colleague for a second opinion, and I was sitting in the dark wondering was what going on, while they had their conversation and kept checking my eyes. They eventually told me I had holes in my corneas. What?! I was promptly sent to the hospital. At the eye clinic, I had student doctors crowding round for a look, which was frightening as I couldn’t hear the conversation and didn’t know what was going on. The doctor eventually said they wouldn’t know if they could save my sight, until I had finished the prescribed course of medication (eye drops) and they checked my eyes again.

My strongest memory of that time was being at London Bridge train station and trying to catch the correct train. They often change platforms and announce this over the loudspeaker system – usually announcements are no good for me but this is ok as I can check the visual announcements. This time I couldn’t even check those, no matter how much I squinted. So I just had to get on a train and hope for the best! At one point my eyes were so sore, I couldn’t open them, and I had to stay home from work. It was then that I realised what it’s like to be blind and deaf. I couldn’t think of anything to do. There was no point switching on the television, radio, reading something, going onto the computer… I even struggled taking my dog for a walk, taking baby steps to make sure I didn’t walk into a lamp post. I also remember trying to enlarge the text in my Word documents on my computer. I enlarged to the largest size font and I still couldn’t read the letters. I enlarged even more, using magnifier software, and I *still* couldn’t read it. It was  horrible, horrible, horrible.

I am short sighted with astigmatism and have thought about having laser surgery to correct this. I can’t imagine trying to cope if laser surgery went wrong. My consultant says he sees so many cases of people who have gone through the procedure and now have bad sight problems, like not being able to see at night or not being able to focus – it is hard or impossible to correct these sight problems afterwards.

My sight is far too precious to me, to risk it. I’d much rather wear a pair of trendy glasses…. or even glasses for my iPod, hehehe




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30 04 2007
Laser Eye Surgery: Complete Guide To Eye Surgery Blog

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2 05 2007

Laser Eye Surgery Resources

9 05 2007
Ian C

I had thought about surgery also although I was only slightly short sighted on the reasoning that my uncle, whose genes I seem to have inherited became very myopic in later life. As it happens, my myopia has pretty well gone as I’ve got older, to be replaced by deteriorating close vision. However, being a motorcyclist, and having heard about the potential night vision problems, I waited and was glad I did as another biker friend had his eyes lasered (he chose Optimax because it was the cheapest and he’s a tight git) and he ended up with the halos around street lights etc. at night. Just what a motorcyclist DOESN’T need. Now I don’t need it I have the other problem of soon needing near vision glasses or bifocals, which are just as big a problem on a bike as when you look over your shoulder, you look through the near vision part of the lens and everything is blurred. Hey Ho! Life’s a bitch, and then you die!!

18 05 2007

I’m sitting on the fence, I’ve decided to go for the more expensive treatments, simply because if I’m without my sight, I’m effectively 100% deaf.

It’s bad enough loosing your glasses in the mornings!

14 06 2007

I have perfect eye sight thank god.

I have always said I rather be Deaf (which I am now)than blind.
To have both… shudder

12 12 2007
jeff the laser eye surgery pro

laser eye surgery is the best investment in any kind of health care I have ever had

1 10 2010
Speak Up Librarian

I am with you, Tina. I am too scared to have any unnecessary surgery on my eyes. I look better without glasses but I will sacrifice my vanity to hold onto my eyesight. The thought of eye surgery going wrong just chills me.

Lately, I have read stories of some very courageous deaf/blind people who are leading wonderful lives, travelling around the world, etc. This has been an enormous encouragement to me to realize that life is what you make of it, no matter what your challenges are.

1 01 2011

Horrible, horrible, horrible doesn’t even begin to say just how awful, awful, awful that must have been. Even worse than that gawd-awful pic on top. What in the heck is going on there?

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