Are hearing aids about to be revolutionised?

20 05 2007

Oticon recently produced an aid designed to change the public perception of hearing aids. The Oticon Delta is a miniature hearing aid available in different colours, and is aimed at boosting speech understanding in difficult listening environments for people with all hearing loss levels up to 80 decibels.

3D systems Corp announced at the annual audiology show in Denver Colorado that it will work with Dreve Otoplastik (who sets standards for the fitting of hearing aids to the human ear) to produce a compact, fast, low-cost hearing aid manufacturing system this autumn.

Miracle-Ear have an open ear aid which reduces the feedback problem. However they are still pushing the boring assumption that most people don’t want others to see they have hearing aids.

A hearing aid called Wirear has been designed in Sydney for the Australian Design Awards.

Hearing aid companies such as Hear Pod are beginning to bring down the price of aids to make better quality aids more accessible to more people.

Things are slowly, slowly changing. Hopefully we will see fantastic new designs available at affordable prices, with good quality components, available by the end of the decade. I’ve waited long enough for this!




5 responses

20 05 2007

Cool! About time. Current NHS hearing aids are brown and ugly, that haven’t changed design for 50 odd years?

Who would still wear NHS glasses that were designed in the 1950s, and no fashionable choice.

22 05 2007

it is cool, yea it is relly hearing aids about to be revolutionised? yea it new style. how come wthout battery? i want to know about them something.. interest.

18 08 2007

Fantastic! In two years, I’ll get another set of hearing aids, and it’ll be nice to have some designer “Personal Communication Assistants”!


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