Only the best will do!

7 06 2007

If you’re in London this month, don’t miss The Great Exhibition 2007 which runs 15 – 28 June.

The Great Exhibition of 1851 was held in Hyde Park, organised by, among others, the RCA – the Royal College of Art. This exhibition showcased the cream of Britain’s talent, and over six million people visited Crystal Palace, which was a third of Britain’s population.

150 years later, and it’s a very modern slice of the cake! This year’s exhibition celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first Great Exhibition, and showcases the work of graduating RCA students.

There are free guided tours at 1pm and 6pm on weekdays, at 12 noon on weekends, and it’s accessible to guide dogs / assistance dogs / trolls.

** Check out a great show reel taster from the extremely talented animator, Hei **

(You can play back MOV files with Quicktime Alternative or Media Player Classic)




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