First concert at Wembley

11 06 2007

Darren went to see George Michael play at the first concert in the new Wembley stadium. He’s been so excited all week. I’ve been to see U2 play in Dublin and couldn’t hear the music over the screams, or even see much (as I was too short!), so I turned down the chance to go. So, did Darren give this concert the thumbs up or down? I was interested to find out as we have a similar profound hearing loss and wear the same hearing aids (the spooky bit is we even have the same audiologist).

Darren and his friends went for a picnic in Regents Park first, so they didn’t have to eat the horrible food sold at the stadium. They arrived at Wembley at 4.30pm. If only he had known. Security didn’t bother to search bags (in a new stadium?! come again?) so he could have brought in his own booze. What alcohol you could purchase was expensive and hard to carry around as it was in plastic glasses.

Wembley stadium

The stadium was packed and the atmosphere was electric. The crowd around Darren was a bit dull, luckily his friends were up for a bit of fun and they were singing and dancing through the evening. The concert kicked off …


Darren could see George Michael better than he thought he would. He said GM was on fine singing form, however he was a bit disappointed. The concert was rather predictable. He had been to a GM gig in November and he sang the same songs, had the same set design, he had no special guest and he even sang one song twice!


Meanwhile, I was sat at home watching a bit of the concert on Channel 4, with the volume up, a glass of wine, all mod cons and my dog nearby. No long trek home with the crowds either.

I guess I got the better deal 😉




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