All aboard the Orient Express!

13 06 2007

Jeanette took a trip on the Orient Express from London to the elegant Edwardian seaside resort of Folkestone. A champagne dinner, a leisurely walk along the beach, then back to London with a genteel champagne afternoon tea. Ooohhh. Jeanette was born hearing and became deaf as an adult. She is a fluent signer (and gobby with it). I asked her how accessible the trip was for her, and would she recommend it to deaf people.

Accompanied by some good friends, Jeanette was carefully chauffeured to Victoria by her husband. They had been sent confirmation of the departure time with their tickets, so arrived in good time. At the platform stood the beautiful old train.

The party boarded and proceeded to have a rollicking good lunch hic! hic! For almost six hours! They started off with chilled champagne. That was followed by smoked salmon with tiny pancakes, then chicken in a superb sauce with vegetables and asparagus. For pudding they had fruit with clear jelly on top, and more fruit on the top. And as much wine as they could drink.

It’s a wonder they could stagger off the train – as I know exactly what Jeannette is like hehehe

The menus were printed so choosing what to eat wasn’t a problem. The waiting staff were very good with Jeanette, even though they all had foreign accents, APART from when they brought the gift trolley round. As soon as Jeanette said to the girl she was deaf, she replied to her husband !!!

jeanette's group

When they arrived at Folkestone, a brass band struck up on the platform for the commuters. Jeanette was thrilled. They had a 45 minute break and headed for the beach to stretch their legs. On the return journey, they had a traditional English afternoon tea with champagne. What was for tea? Tiny delicate sandwiches, scones with strawberries and cream, beautiful tiny cakes, and lashings of tea. Everyone was also given a small box of truffles!


I had to ask her, did she enjoy it? Oh YES – they practically had to drag her off the train! Can’t blame her now, can you?




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14 06 2007


Thanks for coming by my blog!
Hope you like reading about me 🙂
My Mummy loves to read Agatha Christie’s Books and one of it is titled “Murder on the Orient Express”


14 06 2007

As soon as Jeanette said to the girl she was deaf, she replied to her husband !


My wife would have ignored her if she had replied to my wife instead of me.
But as always like Jeanette you don’t let that get to you ..just enjoy the day as she clearly did 🙂

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