Anemone clock

2 07 2007

Do you have trouble waking up in the mornings? I do. My dog pestered me this morning at 7am and I kept waving him away. Half an hour later I realised that my alarm HAD gone off, it was Monday, and I was late for work.


Check THIS clock out. It rumbles, it bounces, and it’s hard to turn off. It might just do the trick – if it’s sellotaped inside the pillowcase.




3 responses

3 07 2007
Rob G.

This sounds like a version of the bumbleball. Maybe a hamster ball modified to hold the motor and the clock plus those little finger-y things on the outside. Either way you make it, someone’s dog is bound to rip it apart.

Ever watched a dog try to hold onto one of those big bumbleballs while it’s going? Ah, hilarious.

2 12 2009

Hee hee – I like that alarm clock – I think that I would quite seriously buy it!! I mean, for goodness sake I have three alarm types in my bedroom – the lumie body clock, the shake-awake, and a timer on the bedside lamp the other side of the bed to the lumie alarm!! (not to mention a cat that pesters cos she wants feeding!) The designer is entirely right though – I flick the snooze button on the shake-awake and never quite wake up!

2 12 2009
Jeremy Freeman

I don’t think it would be comfortable sleeping with this clock inside the pillowcase!

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