Free GPS navigation for your mobile phone

29 07 2007

I’ve come across amAze, a new free GPS mapping service for your mobile. I’m gadget mad and this looks interesting. amAze offers coverage in many countries and you get

* Visual and voice guidance to any destination
* Search or define any location by its address
* Search and navigate to businesses listed in yellow pages directories (where available)
* Present any required location on the map
* View and use dynamic high quality maps at various scales
* View and navigate over high resolution satellite images
* Calculate the fastest way between two locations
* Save and manage personal favorites list

Here you can see a demo.




3 responses

29 07 2007

Good news! Err.. oh… no… Bad news! You have to register to establish an account with amAze – on an *unsecured* webpage. If you look at the URL, you don’t see the ‘s’ after ‘http’ (meaning *s*ecured); therefore the website is not secured.

I would LOVE to have this free GPS service on my mobile.. but.. I’d rather go without it and save my arse.

30 07 2007

To register to the service you don’t have to insert any
Personal data if you don’t want to.
All you have to insert is user name and password 🙂
Too bad not to try it because of that reason 😉

21 08 2007

I wish there was something like this compatible with my LG Fusic. Too bad 😦

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