A deaf wiki

20 08 2007

I’m going to try experimenting with a wiki, to collect useful information for the UK based deaf group, as there is so much information online for deaf Americans but not much for the UK, and what there is available in the UK, most of this seems to be geared towards BSL provision and sign language users. Enough already! I’d like to redress the balance a little.

Please do add useful information and links. I couldn’t call it Deaf Wiki as that name has been taken.

Hearing wiki

Go easy on me…. I haven’t done this before!





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21 08 2007
Tony B


Your blog caught my attention. JGJones have already set up a wiki specifically aimed at Deaf UK. The website is wiki.deafuk.org (you can read the comments about this).

So, if you want to bypass the fiddly bits and go straight to adding contents, we could avoid duplication and use wiki.deafuk.org as a central point. Admittedly, no-one made a start yet but if you can take the lead and start adding stuff, then the rest ought to follow. Joe is a keen advocate of open systems and open access.

Cheers and keeping on blogging….

21 08 2007

It may be compounding the issue… Wiki is a discredited source regarding deaf people,because it failed to recognize the variety that are the deaf and HI community. It was hijacked day one by various extreme elements of the cultural variety who far from promoting links etc and understanding, did their level best to re-write the entire classifications of deaf people,often not recognizing at all anyone else. Wiki was also targeted by other extreme minorities (The CIA too !), and deliberate bias introduced to fit a political viewpoint. It was hoped by continued introduction of a term or idea, then colloquial usage would validate what they are claiming. Mostly, that all deaf sign and belong to a culture, and everyone else has some form of hearing and doesn’t.

By introducing an alternative ‘wiki’ you are validating them by default, they would monopolise the other wikimonopolize and you would decalre a real divide by default, thus giving more credibility to the lies, far better we take wikideclare on and expose what is going on, not leave them a clear field.

Since a member of the deaf culutral community cannot be clearly defined, then that is all there is to say on it. The basic validation is via being born deaf, and havinga deaf education in a deaf school, then having mainly deaf peers, in the UK this no longer is provable. The oral versus sign wars also divide many, if there is any definbition it is of a fragmented series of groupings of deaf who are a, b, c or whatver,and certainly the deaf and culturalsign user is a considerable minority,and not as portayed on Wiki THE majority.

Perhaps an apt description would be a dedicated but small sector of very able deaf people, able to manipulate statistics, and redefine what a culture is, which officially, is applied to any two people with like-minds.

21 08 2007

It’s an excellent idea, and I don’t wish to steal your thunder but I’ll like to avoid multiple sites where possible however I’m perfectly happy to share content as that’s better – as you say, the more information that’s out there, the better.

Alison Bryan asked me to set up a wiki quite some time ago and I have done that:


That would be a wiki for the UK about anything deaf-related within UK. Yes there’s a lack of content as I never get the time to add anything, but if you can do that, it would be excellent, or we can discuss the sharing of content – so that you have your wiki and we’ve got the wiki.deafuk.org which can link to each other?


22 08 2007

MM – what a load of twaddle again as usual.

Wiki is discredited? Cite sources, you’re the only one that’s keen to knock down anything that isn’t your idea.

Furthermore you’ve completely lost the idea of what a wiki is.

A wiki isn’t Wikipedia (and I know you’re confusing it for Wikipedia) – many many large companies use wiki systems within their networks etc – it’s a damn useful tool.

It can be used for *anything*

Currently what we have on wiki.deafuk.org are a list of deaf organisations – how to get in touch, their websites, some info – surely an useful piece of information and I’ll wonder why CIA’ll want to hack into that to fit their needs…

MM – I’m sorry you’re an angry bitter man but do try to educate yourself once in a while to save yourself the effort of writing up ill-informed twaddle. Here’s the first two lessons to get you started

Lesson Number One: Wiki is not Wikipedia.

Lesson Number Two: A wiki is: “A website or similar online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively.”

You’ll find that there are many many various wiki *software* – I use the same platform that Wikipedia use – called MediaWiki. Hence it looks the same.

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