£500,000 funding available for subtitled cinemas!

30 08 2007

Not content with kickstarting and part-funding ‘accessible’ cinema in the UK, the UK Film Council is to input another £500,000 in grants, to assist independent cinemas to upgrade equipment and infrastructure so that ALL audiences can have access to the cinema-going experience.

People! It’s UP TO YOU to persuade cinemas to apply to this fund. The more cinemas that apply, the better chance of more ‘subtitled cinemas’ in the future. PLEASE contact cinemas in your local area and request that they take up this fantastic offer, which ends on 30th November of this year. Read all about it here: Your Local Cinema




One response

30 08 2007

I saw this last week, and it seemed / looked like 100% cost at the time. Now its 50%?

Going to be difficult to persuade rural cinemas, since the population density is low, and bad enough attracting hearies. Deaf per square acre is extremely low. There needs to be some recognition of rural areas, and the same economies of scale can’t apply.

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