Liberty : London’s Disability Rights Festival

1 09 2007

The Liberty festival celebrates its fifth year in London’s Trafalgar Square today, celebrating deaf and disabled artists and performers.

There is a review on Ouch!. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend it myself as I have only just found out about it. I’m fairly well informed on disability issues and am surprised to have missed this. Organised by the Mayor of London and GLAD (Greater London Action on Disability), and sponsored by Lloyds TSB, I’m disappointed not to have seen any advertising for this event. I am wondering did they even bother to advertise outside government-run media?

Having a quick look at their websites –

  • Mayor of London – there’s nothing on the front page and you have to use the search box to find the Liberty festival. Tut tut, not good enough.
  • Greater London Action on Disability – the website isn’t even working – says it all, doesn’t it! Shame.
  • Lloyds TSB – there’s nothing on their website about Liberty, but they do spout about their partnership with the Olympics and Paralympics Games in 2012
  • I’m quite bemused. This is a festival touted as ‘accessible’ and ‘inclusive’ but it seems to be selectively so!




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