International Week of the Deaf / Journee Mondiale des Sourds 24-30 September 2007

11 09 2007

This video lasts 33 minutes, it explains the wishes of deaf people to come together.

International Week of the Deaf 24 – 30 September 2007
International Day of the Deaf 30 September 2007

The 1st World Congress of the WFD took place in September 1951, and chose September to celebrate the International Week and Day of the Deaf as a commemoration of this historical event. The purpose of International Week of the Deaf is to draw the attention of politicians, authorities and the general public to the achievements of deaf people and the concerns of the deaf community. During this week, organisations of deaf people worldwide are encouraged to carry out information campaigns about their work, and to publicise their demands and requests. This week also increases solidarity among deaf people and their supporters, and is used as a time to stimulate greater efforts to promote the rights of Deaf people throughout the world.

World Federation of the Deaf – Calendar





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