Petition results for DVD access

20 09 2007

Epetition reply – 19 September 2007

The UK government received a petition asking:

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to All Region 2 and promotion DVD must have subtitles and made accessible to minority groups.

Details of Petition:

    We want all dvd’s to have subtitles so our access to these services are available for when we request them, this also applies to promotion DVD (newspapers, government funded DVD, etc) ad also accessible to minority group.

The Government’s response:

    The UK Film Council, the Government’s strategic agency for film, is fully committed to increasing access to film for those with sensory impairments, and has a number of schemes designed to assist with this. With specific regard to DVD subtitling, it is a condition of UK Film Council funding that subtitle and audio description materials must be created for every film. However, due to the complexity of the distribution and exhibition process, which involves several deals to which the UK Film Council is not party, it cannot enforce the use of those materials, but works to exert its influence wherever it can to ensure they are used. However, the UK Film Council agrees that all DVD releases should be subtitled, and has worked extensively with its contacts within the industry to bring this about.

In other words, tough.

*gnashes teeth*




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