Thumbs up! Tate introduces hand held palmpilot tours

10 10 2007

Tate is going to introduce a hand held palmpilot tour of selected works from the exhibition displays, entirely in BSL with optional subtitles. This service will be available at Tate Britain, Tate Modern and at Tate Liverpool from December 2007.

They are in the process of filming the BSL sequences at the moment, and one important thing they want to do is to include some film clips showing the views of Tate’s visitors. They would like to invite you to come along to two filming sessions next week in order to be filmed responding in BSL to some of the artworks on the tour. It will be a very enjoyable experience, you will be well looked after with a cheese and wine reception. They are filming at Tate Modern on Friday 15th October from 6.00pm – 8.00pm. They are then filming at Tate Britain on Tuesday 16th October again from 6.00pm – 8.00pm.

You do not need to have any art history knowledge, they just want some genuine responses to the artworks they will be discussing. These responses will then be editied into short “vox pop” sequences on the palmpilot tour.

Please email Marcus if you would like to participate in this filming event:
marcus.dickeyhorley uk

These are the works they will be looking at.

Artworks at Tate Modern:
Mark Rothko The Seagram Murals
Claes Oldenburg Counter with Cheese and Ham

Artworks at Tate Britain:
Reynolds – Three ladies adorning a Herm of hymen
Waterhouse – Lady of Shalott
Epstein – Rock Drill
Bridget Riley – Adapting content of Tate Liverpool Riley work
Gwen Johns Portrait




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