Coffee shot

13 10 2007

Oh boy. I’ve done it *again*

I’ve made a cup of coffee and it was cold. Isn’t it amazing how many times you boil the kettle for a cup of coffee and don’t realise it hasn’t boiled, because you didn’t hear it boil? I can hear the kettle boil but it isn’t a sound I’ve ever attached any significance to, and it can be very hard to hear, so I don’t listen for it when I make coffee. Even though I should!

So I made myself a second cup of coffee, checked the water was hot this time before pouring it into the jug, and sat back to reflect on another crazy week.

I recently met an entrepreneur who gave me a mental shot by talking about how busy he was with various projects. He asked me what my five year plan was. I said I didn’t actually have one but didn’t elaborate. A five year plan? Heck, I have *one* year plans. So I’ve just come to the realisation that I can do even more. This year has been a strange one for me, I’ve totally changed direction and achieved what I set out to do this year, but now that I’ve settled down into the new routine, I feel as if I’ve stalled. And guess what, there’s still 2 1/2 months left! A number of people have now said that I’ve been inspirational, usually after meeting them once and letting my big mouth run. Which has got me thinking.

What have I done this year? I’ve moved house and (sensibly) downsized. I’ve been to Egypt and experienced one of the last remaining wonders of the world. I’ve changed careers from finance to careers guidance, and am now developing my guidance, interviewing, and presentation skills, which is great fun. I’ve discovered I’ve got a way of calming people and have good client relationship skills. Which has given me a few ideas for next year…

So what’s left to do this year?

I have to finish my training website and work on the relevant marketing.

I’m setting up another project to utilise my finance knowledge, in conjunction with a friend. Why let eight years of finance experience just go to waste? I’ve managed finances for projects up to £3million so this is money for old rope (pardon the pun).

Another prong in the fire is my book. Ah, the book. It’s huge. It’s been sitting on the sidelines for a while and is close to my heart. I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture, and studied Japanese language, history, business, economics and politics at university. So I’ve written a book on the relationship between Japan and the West. There’s never only one draft for a book, it’s shockingly hard work. I wrote 12,000 words over the space of 3 months and spent about 15 hours a day on it. And it’s not the final draft. I plan to finish it this year. I have great admiration for a friend who has published over 60 books.

Why wait til the New Year to make plans? Life won’t wait for you. Life passes you by. And at an alarming rate.

Hello. I’m back.




One response

13 10 2007

“I’ve discovered I’ve got a way of calming people”

Your joking right?? 🙂

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