Career opportunities for disabled people

21 10 2007

The Commission for Disabled Staff in Lifelong Learning, coordinated by NIACE, aims to investigate and report on current practices in the employment of disabled people in order to make recommendations that positively influence culture and practice and promote career opportunities for disabled people.

The interim report of the Commission was launched in September 2007. This report details the findings so far and highlights issues relating to the inequalities experienced by some disabled staff working in the lifelong learning sector.

The interim report is out to consultation until 7 December 2007. Everybody with an interest in disability issues in the lifelong learning sector is urged to respond to the consultation to advise whether the Commission has identified the key issues affecting disabled staff and what other issues should be explored and highlighted.

The Commission is also collecting evidence about personal experiences and employment practices through questionnaires until 16 November 2007.

In particular, the Commission wants to hear more about part-time and agency staff; people with mental health difficulties; people from black and minority ethnic groups; younger disabled staff; less qualified staff; and any instances of promising practice.

To provide evidence for the commission;

* Visit the NIACE website
* Email:; or
* Telephone Caroline Law, 0116 204 4249.

What do we mean by ‘Disabled staff?’
We are using a broad definition to include physical, sensory and cognitive impairments, mental health difficulties, long-term health conditions, learning disabilities and neurodiversity, learning differences or difficulties such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

What do we mean by ‘Lifelong Learning?’
We want to include all organisations which provide education and training in the post-compulsory education sector including Further Education, Adult and Community Learning, Work-Based Learning, Higher Education, museums, libraries and others.

Conferences and reports
A conference to launch the final report of the Commission for Disabled Staff in Lifelong Learning will take place in London on 5 March 2008. To find out more visit NIACE Conferences




2 responses

29 10 2007

Bluddy ‘ell, where have they been living the last 50 years ! They will NEVER admit employers are discriminatory, because that is what the issue IS. NIACE has been sitting on its arse for years, nobody has any faith they would do anything even if presented with facts, it’s just another ploy to suggest they care… nobody reading a disability or a deaf site would be left in any doubt what the problems are and who is causing them.

There is no work being offered, crap training, no inclusion in the workplace, no on the job training,and employers want the state to pay for taking deaf people on, and to provide the equipment, even then, the glass ceiling insures, the deaf cannot advance, and the they rubbish the government training schemes as farcical too.

Deaf and disabled are alos pitched against hearing people, cheap labour, and hordes of european immigrants flooding into the country taking all the jobs as it is. The answers are simple but will they take the next step and put a stop to it ?

23 12 2007

Take one grossly incompetent Labour Government add an equally incompetent Remploy board and upper management.

Add the following ingredients:
An economic down turn,fuelled by the housing market.
An influx of illegal and legal immigrants, low waged and working?
Add a collapsing infrastructure unable to cope with the strain.
Mix and place in a region of economic deprivation, add a touch of indigenous resentment.Stand back and apply Governmental pressure,until the shit hits the fan.

Feed the resultant mess to disabled people as a viable and palatable alternative to working in a Remploy factory.

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