Cops n witches

25 10 2007

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On 5 June 2007 in the House of Commons, it was asked if the Secretary of State for the Home Department would set up a nationwide 999 text message service for deaf people who cannot telephone the emergency services. The reply was that an emergency text relay service is already available to give the deaf and hard of hearing access to the emergency services. (Yeah – landlocked and slow Typetalk! – also only useful if you can get an operator available!) In addition a working group, including representatives from the emergency services and the mobile operators, has been set up by the 999 Liaison Committee to see whether an SMS emergency number service can be provided.

It’s about time and I hope they won’t take too long.

I was walking my dog in the park yesterday and this woman of about 20 (I use this term very loosely) was sitting on a park bench. She said she doesn’t like dogs. Fine, not my problem, I walked on. Next thing I knew, she had kicked seven bells out of Smudge with her pointed boots. I was livid. Absolutely livid. Smudge does not have an aggressive bone in his body and does not know how to defend himself or be aggressive. He just stood there quaking with his tail between his legs. I wish I could have called the police but what could I do? I can’t hear on the phone. That means I can’t use my mobile to call the police. Therefore when I need to call the police, I’m powerless really, aren’t I? This is just plain wrong. There is simply not enough available access to the police for deaf people. The only area in London that has a sms text service is in Westminster, which is no good to me, as I wasn’t in Westminster at the time. The police service is slowly waking up to the fact that deaf people need access to them as well, there are some services available in the UK but nowhere near enough. I’m hoping they don’t only focus on sign language provision and think about access for deaf people who don’t sign.

I took Smudge to the vet and he is fighting fit. I would have like to have been able to pass his £50 charge onto the little witch! It seems that Halloween has come early this year.




6 responses

25 10 2007

Thats OUTRAGEOUS!!! Any chance to find her address, and plaster her home with graffitti?? I wish Smudge had done some “doggy business” on her pointy witch boots!!

26 10 2007
800 NOTES » Cops n witches

[…] Xlog wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt…to call the police. Therefore when I need to call the police, I’m powerless really, aren’t I? This is just plain wrong. There is simply not… […]

26 10 2007

Do you have a service like Sprint IM Relay there?

26 10 2007

Man, you should have been carrying Mace pepper spray and shot the pointy-shoe skank in the face!

26 10 2007

This is terrible. I can’t believe how nasty some people are, and I think it’s even worse you don’t have access to the police. For some reason I thought Europe was better than America in that regard. Maybe you should write a letter to your local newspaper. I bet most people would be horrified to learn the deaf are so vulnerable without emergency access to their local police.

29 10 2007

Bill – we don’t have Sprint IM Relay in the UK. The closest thing we have is Google Talk and MSN Messenger.

I contacted the police in Westminster by email and they replied a day later. They were very helpful. Next time I’ll try the SMS service, it would be interesting to see what the response time is.

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