Text in the city

2 12 2007

A new date texting service has been launched in London by Matchtek, called Smartdater. This service allows Londoners to meet others in their area via text, you have to register on their website and set up a profile. Matchtek identifies which of the profiles are compatible, and people can start texting each other. This service sidesteps the issue of exchanging numbers as everything goes through their server, and texts can be blocked by users. 30,000 people have already signed up. Welcome to the new age of sms dating.

– I still think this idea is weird!




3 responses

2 12 2007

“- I still think this idea is weird!”

Erm… why?

2 12 2007

How hard would it be to get to know someone by texting them and how long would it take?!

3 12 2007

Well after a few text messages you exchange emails,telephone , pictures move onto webcam write a letter etc .
But I am sure the first thing they do is send each other a picture long before they have a deep meaningful textual relationship 🙂

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