New SatLav service

8 12 2007

It’s no fun getting caught short in the centre of London, especially if you’re a young mum with children, an older person, disabled, or on a day out. Where can you find the nearest public conveniences? Trying to elbow your way into a pub or restaurant’s conveniences will often result in being told ‘Toilets are for paying customers only.’

The City Of Westminster has again, as with their police mobile texting service and BSL-trained officers, forged ahead of the pack. A new text service is now available, which tells you the location of the nearest public toilet in the City of Westminster, which encompasses almost every popular shopping and social district of London.

To access SatLav, text 80097 with the word TOILET and you will get a quick response by text with details of the nearest facilities and their opening times. Satlav locates the sender of the message and automatically finds the locations of the nearest public toilets to them, including some department stores, 40 council-run and leased toilets, and those run by the Greater London Authority and London Underground.

This service costs more than a penny …. Each text costs 25p, and Westminster Council pays a further 9p to cover the cost.




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