What’s in your top ten?

8 12 2007

Doesn’t everyone ask what’s your favourite restaurant, drink, food, book, movie, TV show, singer, music etc etc?

Check out Jamza, a new site where you and your friends can list your top ten of anything you like, post photos, write a blog and more…. If there are things you would like to see on the site, go right ahead and throw your ideas into the ring.

How about your top ten …

    quiet pubs
    friendly cafes
    quality wine bars
    restaurants where you get treated well
    art galleries
    places to meet friends

I’d like to hear your top ten one liner retorts when people say ‘You can’t bring a dog in here’ or ‘What do you mean, you can’t hear me?’





One response

8 12 2007
Tavern visitor

I have ten requirements in order to enjoy my time out. I don’t have specific details to give you:

– tavern where there is NO loud music – I like the quiet ambience

– waiters knowing to hold glasses properly (not at the rims! I hate it when people hold glasses by the rims) Very often I have to teach them a tip.

– restaurant that offer good food

– places that offer reasonable prices

– place where a bus route is (so you can leave your car at home)

– coffee house where you can relax for a hour or longer.

– friendly, responsive waiters – knowing how to communicate with customers, deaf or hearing.

– place where you can read captions on a TV all the time, nothing to do with deaf customers

– place that has a CLEAN washroom (WC or loo)

– place where there is sufficient lighting to communicate better with your friend or partner

– chef is flexible and willing to take out something (like mushroom) from my food order

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