Thumbs up! Chutneys

23 12 2007

– No dogs are allowed in here
– He’s a Hearing Dog for Deaf People
– A Hearing Dog! Ooohhh! That’s fine then!

We hit a vegetarian Indian for lunch, but once we got past the access issue, we sat at a table in the small crowded restaurant and tied Smudge’s lead to a chair leg. For the entire meal, he stayed quietly under the table (good boy). Chutneys provides an all-you-can-eat buffet for about £6 and it is great value. A notice on the wall made me laugh – “One plate each please”. The food was good, very filling, and there was lots to choose from. There were about six different curries and chutneys – they even had apple chutney and lemon chutney which was delightful. For pudding I had Gulaab Jamun (very sweet dough balls, like mini doughnuts) with rice pudding and fruit. We had Tikka beer and Kingfisher beer – the Tikka had quite a striking taste to it but the Kingfisher was more mellow. They sell organic red wine at only £8.95 a bottle. The atmosphere is busy, informal, and cheerful, the staff are friendly but stay out of your face. Top marks for friendly service, great food, and a low bill. The only downside was that afterwards I was so full that I felt ill.

Chutneys, 124 Drummond Street NW1 2HL
TEL 020 7388 0604

Tube stations : Euston Square Tube (2 minutes), Euston Tube (3 minutes)
Railway Stations : Euston (3 minutes), St Pancras and Eurostar Terminal (12 minutes)

Deaf review : Friendly staff, Hearing Dogs are welcome. It’s way too noisy so forget the chit-chat (or use sign language if you can) and just come here to eat!



One response

27 12 2007

Comment from a friend G –

Chutneys (delish food) restaurant … last summer, J and I tried to go there and they wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole with Hearing Dog B in tow. Obviously they have changed their outlook since then. Well done.

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