A new year, a new beginning?

1 01 2008

I’ve made lots of New Year resolutions, all aimed at improving my current position and getting me to where I want to be in life. Small manageable steps should lead to much bigger things and success in achieving my overall gameplan. By keeping my annual goals manageable, I think they are more realistic and it’s more likely I’ll stick to them.

Stephen is a deaf motivational speaker and pilot. He has written an interesting post on how he feels about achievements and how they lead onto greater things. I agree with his reasoning, I think things do happen for a reason and we can learn from what doesn’t work, to steer us towards what does work, and take us down the right road to greater things. Stephen invites you to do a little exercise, to write down your past achievements and see how they lead up to who you are today.

Jump to his post and comment.




4 responses

1 01 2008
Stephen Hopson/Adversity University

Thanks so much for telling your readers about my recent post, “Where Have You Been and Where are you Going?”

Even though we might be hard on ourselves, we can rejoice knowing that we wil be okay no matter what. I hope you found my little exercise to be simulating and thought provoking.

Best wishes for a happy new year and thanks again for the mention.

6 01 2008

oh I call them revolutions, because if I actually keep them thats what they will be!!! :p best of luck with yours, im doing ok with mine, only the odd pang for chocolate, but overall doing good 🙂 🙂 🙂 heres to a skinnier me shortly 🙂

6 01 2008

try my method for chocolate cravings – I keep a huge bar of Green & Blacks (Maya is my fave) in the freezer and when I want choc, I just have a couple of squares. Mmmm! It’s so much nicer than that crappy stuff from Cadburys.

6 01 2008

Oy! Do you mind? I live on Fruit and Nut, and love it. You can knock M…£$%£% if you want, but leave Caddies alone, alright?

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