Captel phones

6 01 2008

I spoke to the CEO of Hearing Concern about captioned telephony and he tells me that due to the closure of Teletec (the company that supplied Captel phones and the Captel captioning service) deaf people are now losing their jobs across the UK because they can’t use Typetalk, they need Captel as it’s more user-friendly and faster.

For who? For hearing people, of course. This makes me SO angry.

When are hearing people going to accept that deaf people need to communicate by phone as well?

When are hearing people going to meet us halfway and see the importance of an appropriate and modern captioned telephony system?

When are hearing people going to move away from the medical model of disability to the social model?

When are hearing people going to accept that empowerment requires an investment of funds?

When are hearing people going to see us as equals??????




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6 01 2008
Julie B.

No surprise! Hearing people think they own the world!

6 01 2008

They more or less do own the world I’m afraid!

Isn’t perhaps the CEO of Hearing Concern guilty of exaggerating a bit….I never used Captel – it sounds like it was a pretty useful service but I can’t see why any company or organisation should have to sack a deaf person just because they don’t have this service…won’t they be in danger of contravening the DDA if they did?

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be a captioned telephone service but its a bit alarmist to say that deaf people all over the UK will lose their jobs because its not there.

6 01 2008

People have been writing in to Hearing Concern with their stories and concerns. No figures were given as to how many people have lost jobs but one person is too many. To clarify, it has happened to a number of people, not “deaf people all over the UK” which reads like ‘all deaf people’, which it isn’t. I don’t know whether people were sacked or were simply unable to do their jobs competently and had to leave.

My point is, the Captel service was withdrawn with these consequences, and I feel this could have been avoidable.

7 01 2008

Am amazed that a useful tool to aid deaf people is being denied.

What happened to “equal opportunites” not to mention DDA application to support “reasonable addaptions/changes” in the field of work? Are “Access to Work” or any of the major charites supporting Deaf people doing anything about this matter? I do hope so as it is a valuable service!! Would like to know the outcome, do keep us posted.

Although changing my mobile phone service was difficult and long winded as they rely on people making voice calls and not texting for details!!! Hence the need to go in store and get help with calls.Grr

7 01 2008

Yes – one person losing their job is too many. I really don’t see why people should be.

The only solution would be for a charity or public body to step in and relaunch the service. Understandably, many would be reluctant to do that if it has already been found to not make money.

Shame the company couldn’t find any government subsidy before it closed.

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