Weird tinnitus

9 01 2008

I’ve had a cold since Saturday (5 days now) and the lack of sleep and proper nutrition is starting to show. In a weird way.

I was kept awake all last night by the worst tinnitus I have ever experienced. I had a very loud aircraft engine drone from somewhere deep inside my brain. If that wasn’t bad enough, I could hear a drunken choir in my right ear as well, the singers not quite keeping up with each other. I recognised the melody….. Away in a Manger. Arrrggggghh.

Is there any particular reason why the brain picks out such stupid noises to torment me? Today, the choir has disappeared but the engine drones on.

Hopefully, tomorrow is a new (and quiet) day.




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9 01 2008

I have the same problem with Tinnitus for about 8 months now and I learned that I have something stuck inside inner left ear which causes tinnitus.. Doctor did referal me to go to see specialist dr for tinnitus.. So now specialist dr could see it there is the problem and there is the kind of unbreathing from my nose and ear.. They think it is possible causes from cold.

It makes me crazy when the sounds inside my ear which I cant hear! I have also problem with sleeping for a long time (almost 8 months) due to tinnitus…

I will have more tests to find out how to solve the problem from my inner ear and nose. Specialist dr for Tinnitus said that it will go away if they need to find what can they do like medicine or something else. However they want to take some tests first before they can go ahead.

I wish to have quiet day without the sounds and could sleep better forever!!!

NO FUN!!!! 😦

9 01 2008

Hello …

Here Im going to rescue you for the most possible solution resolving. Try to use a hearing aid, it is sure fire resolving solution. I had the tinnitus for years till finally I read an vague article about using hearing aid.The brand I have is Phonak for my severe loss of hearing. It sure does quiets the tinnitus. It is still a mystery origin.The only superficial appearance it does draw out little fluid which it may explain for the un-noticed pressure on the ear’s complicated system. Or it could be the sound’s therapy. I do use the hearing aid continuously off and on just only primarily for this purpose. Best wishes for speed resolving shot.

9 01 2008

FOL said: I recognised the melody….. Away in a Manger

You’re lucky. Last time it happened to me I got “Grandad, we love you…”

[I know — it’s not funny. Just couldn’t resist.]

11 01 2008

join the club, I dont have Tinnitus, but I have a cold at the moment and hear my heartbeat really droning in my ear, its keeping me awake and it sucks!! 😦

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