Top ten reasons to be a speech-language pathologist / therapist

10 01 2008

10. We have ways of making you talk

9. We know what the name of the little thing that hangs in the back of your throat is called

8. SLP is more than just lip service

7. [wil/`vtutraenskraib]

6. You’re always analyzing your friend’s speech

5. You think it’s cool to hear someone swallow

4. Someone has to help Cindy Brady

3. We like to hear ourselves talk

2. You know how to say “larynx” correctly

1. You can legally brainwash people by making them repeat the same phrase over and over again



3 responses

10 01 2008

Well, now that you mentioned it, what was wrong with Cindy Brady’s speech? a lisp?

10 01 2008
11 01 2008

Thanks for the information. The CC didn’t reveal that she had a lisp

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