Tinnitus sounds like …

11 01 2008


Play this to your family and friends to raise awareness and increase understanding. (You might even get some sympathy!)

You can obtain this sound file on CD from the British Tinnitus Association. They also supply white / pink / brown / green / purple noise recordings on request.


0800 018 0527 free of charge – from within the UK only
0845 4500 321 local rate – from within the UK only
0114 250 9922 national rate within the UK
+44 (0)114 250 9922 outside the UK


0114 258 5694 from within the UK
+44 (0)114 258 5694 outside the UK


0114 258 2279 from within the UK
+44 (0)114 258 2279 outside the UK

Write to:

The British Tinnitus Association
Ground Floor, Unit 5
Acorn Business Park, Woodseats Close
Sheffield, S8 0TB





3 responses

12 01 2008

Yea I am a tinnitus sufferer too. I wear my hearing aid and listen to my CD player (relaxing nature sounds) every nite. I don’t wear my hearing aid otherwise it will get me dizzy.

13 01 2008

sound comes in different colours??? 🙂 COOL!!!

14 01 2008
Deaf Pixie

I have had hard time to listen tinnitus sound were drove me nuts. I gave up hearing aids for long time. It finally tinnitus gone after not wear hearing aids for 5 years. It finally faded by itself.

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