The worst christmas present ever?

12 01 2008

Sometimes you get a great christmas present that shows the giver has really thought about you.

Sometimes you get a christmas present that’s nice. It’s average. You can live with it.

Sometimes you get a christmas present that you don’t really want. You sell it on Ebay or give it to someone else.

But sometimes …. you get a christmas present that takes your breath away with it’s sheer stupidity.

One year I got a present from my sister. I was 30. She was a nurse and 36 (allegedly), and therefore old enough to know better, or so I would have thought.

I unwrapped the bright christmas paper from the gift. It was a phone. A freakin’ phone. Now hang on a minute. I’ve been profoundly deaf all my life and my sister has never seen me use a phone. She knows I can’t use the phone at all.

So what was the point in that?

Not only that, but it was clearly a phone for small kids – check out the photo.

I wrapped it up and gave it back to her for christmas the following year. I never got such a shite present again.





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12 01 2008

if you think that was bad this year
I got bulbs to plant in the garden.. I hate gardening

12 01 2008


12 01 2008

Do you think perhaps it was given to you by mistake? I don’t understand why she would give you a gift like that :/

12 01 2008

What was she THINKING?!? I honestly don’t believe there’s anything more hurtful than when family members remain in denial about our hearing. This like giving a blind person a new camera for Christmas, or a crippled person a set of roller blades. Hey! Have fun with that! 🙂 What?! I didn’t know your sight was THAT bad. . . i mean you can. . .see. . .right?

Believe me, I understand. My 80-year-old dad asked if I’d like a blue tooth last summer. “Um Dad?” I said,. . .”I’m frickin DEAF!” (And it’s not like this is new information. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years.) Loved the way you handled this. 🙂

12 01 2008

Wow, that’s pretty horrible. Maybe it was a mix-up and intended to give it to someone else? I can’t believe someone like your sister would do such a thing if she did intend to give you that.

Great idea on regifting it back to her!

12 01 2008

It certainly wasn’t a mixup. She still rolls her eyes every time I don’t hear her and speaks to me as if I’m retarded, when I have way more qualifications than her. I guess some people just never see further than their own noses. At least I can walk away from her, whereas she can’t.

12 01 2008

Can be a mistake with some families,once my auntie bought my freind a music voucher for his birthday.. she was so used to us as she forget we are deaf. she did not see a disabilitie.. but i do agree about your sister as closer siblings should know better!

12 01 2008

It is another subject that not related to Christmas. It was about Easter hunt eggs day . It was the worst story but same time I laughed so hard. My girl friend told me that when she went to VSDB . The teacher told her that we have a very special gift when anyone finds the egg and open see what is inside in the egg . Of course, any kids thinks of money or big surprise . My gf found a egg and opened it . Guess what inside ?? It was HEARING AIDS !!!! She hates to wear hearing aids and no purpose to wear it everyday .She is tooooo DEEAAFFFYY !!! The teacher said wow u got a new hearing aids and surprise for u ! She was very angry and rather to have money or huge surprise ! She decided throw the new hearing aids in the toilet !!!! It was her worst surprise gift ! Of course she revenege to teacher. The teacher was very mad and my gf is smirked and smiled her back with good revenege !!!!!

13 01 2008

oHHH MY GOD!! LOL! funny thing is I would love a present like that, but then again im the biggest kid ever!! LOL!! there wasnt much thought put into that one tho :p

13 01 2008

I want to know what she said to you about your returned Christmas present to her the following year!

14 01 2008

DSGarner – that’s a weird way to give someone a pair of hearing aids. Of course she’s entitled to chocolate like everyone else. How would the teacher like to get a pair of glasses inside an Easter egg?

Lette – Not much thought put into it? You’re kidding me

Kyle – I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing her reaction as we didn’t actually spend that christmas together.

15 01 2008

Probably was a wise option Tina!

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