Association of Communication Support Workers

18 01 2008

ACSW Central & East Anglia

Theme: CSWs — Language professionals or support workers?

Keynote speaker:Jeanette Wright.
Jeanette is a well known deafened freelance Deaf Awareness trainer. She will speak about her own experience of becoming deaf and of using CSWs and Interpreters.

Free workshops will be run twice concurrently, so that each delegate can choose two to attend. Handouts will be available for all four. ACSW committee members will attend, so there will be opportunity for updates, announcements and questions.

Free refreshments through the day. Lunch available at local food outlets.

ACSW Regional Meeting
Saturday 9th February Chelmsford, Essex
Venue opens 10.30am, closes 4pm
Admission Fee: £5
Free to ACSW members

Register with Janice at:

This meeting is hosted by Janice Daniels-Dey, ACSW Regional Rep, Central & East Anglia.
Room M118/M119, Chelmsford College, Moulsham Street Campus, 102 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0JQ
This meeting will be BSL interpreted and speech-to-text reported.

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Workshop 1 : Is this the wrong decision?
The transition process for new students entering Post 16 education can be a time of stress & uncertainty or a welcome home. Students are from different styles of educational establishments. Post 16 Education structures, attitudes and procedures can be alien to the new student and their family. What is their preparation for this transition? What makes a good transition?
Jill Bussien, Teacher of the Deaf/Hearing Impaired and CSW Tutor at West Kent College.

Workshop 2 : Do CSWs over-modify student’s work?
CSWs have many roles. One is often the role of editor — checking and modifying the student’s
written work. CSWs are faced with many issues: What is the student trying to say? What is the intent of the written work? How much is the tutor expecting in terms of lucidity? Will an over-modification affect the student’s progress adversely? What are the implications for the student’s future?
Vicky Nunn, CSW and ACSW Treasurer.

Workshop 3 : What are the roles & responsibilities of a CSW?
They can be a mixed bag. It often depends on where the CSW works — what service they work for — who they support — the philosophy of the particular educational establishment. Also, CSWs roles and responsibilities have changed over the years. Even today they are in a state of flux. What is the answer to this confusion? Is there a right and wrong way?
Kenneth Culver, Deaf Services Manager at West Kent College.

Workshop 4 : What is the role of CSWs in examinations?
The role of CSWs is to support the student with access to exam questions by using BSL without
reinterpreting or giving clues. But what is the correct procedure if a student cheats? What if the
invigilator doesn’t understand the CSW role? What if there is no invigilator? What if the CSW is asked to support three students at the same time?
Andy Owen, CSW, author and ACSW Secretary.



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