Signhealth conference

19 01 2008

SignHealth is organising a one day conference for deaf people or anyone working with deaf people interested in making sure that deaf people have good health.

Date: 14th February 2008
Time: 09.30 – 16.30
Location: NCVO, Regents Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL

Cost: FREE if you book in advance, £40.00 per person on the day

Conference Programme:

Chair*: Laraine Callow of Deafworks

09.30 Registration and refreshments

10.00 Introduction by the Chair, Laraine Callow

10.10 How the deaf community can work together for better health. Joanna Wootten (Deputy Chief Executive of SignHealth) will lead this interactive session.

11.00 Tea and Coffee Break

11.20 Can deaf people be nurses? Of course, they can! Samantha Birch will describe how she has trained and qualified as a deaf nurse.

12.00 Improving deaf people’s health and well being Herbert Klein & Emma Crowe of SignHealth will talk about the 3 year project called Healthy Deaf Days.

12.30 LUNCH and networking

13.30 Afternoon workshop options –

Workshop 1: Living with diabetes
Alison Veal will share her experiences.

Workshop 2: What are yoga and reflexology?
Claire Hancock, a qualified reflexologist, and Sarah Scott, a qualified Yoga teacher will answer all your questions.

Workshop 3: Living with breast cancer
Kathy Liddy will share her experiences of the disease, the NHS and other support networks.

Workshop 4: Healthy eating
Tamsin Wengraf-Townsend will be testing you to find out how much you know about calorie counting!

14.45 Tea and Coffee Break

15.05 Open Discussion – Ideas for better health. Identifying good ideas for improving deaf people’s health.

15.45 Feedback from Open Discussion facilitated by the Chair

16.30 Finish

*The Chair and all speakers are deaf

Booking form

Job Title:

Please tick your 1st and 2nd choice of workshop

Workshops 1st Choice 2nd Choice
Diabetes ( ) ( )
Yoga/Reflexology ( ) ( )
Breast Cancer ( ) ( )
Healthy Eating ( ) ( )

Although the chair and presenters are deaf, some will speak and some will be using BSL. We need to make sure that everyone can understand what is happening. Please tick your preferred communication support if you are deaf.

If you are deaf
Speech to Text ( )
BSL ( )
Other (please describe) ( )

Please tick if you are hearing and cannot understand BSL ( ) and will require an interpreter to voice over what a presenter is saying

Dietary or Other requirements ( )

The NCVO, Regents Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL centre is fully accessible for wheelchair users and close to mainline and underground stations. A map will be sent with booking confirmation.

This conference is free BUT you must complete and return this booking form and we will send you a confirmation of your booking. If you come without a confirmation of your booking, or do not turn up on the day, you will be charged a fee of £40.00.

Please return this form to:
Emma Crowe, SignHealth, 46 Oakmead Road, Balham, SW12 9SJ
or email: ecrowe@signhealth.

The Healthcare Charity for Deaf people

SignHealth used to be called Sign.

Why have we changed our name?
Mental and physical health is so closely linked that we have decided to promote better all-round health for deaf people. We have changed our name to reflect this.

Is the health of deaf people different from hearing people?
Although there has been no research in the UK, research in Linz, Austria showed that deaf people had poorer health than hearing people. We already know that 40% of profoundly deaf people in the UK experience mental health problems compared to 25% of hearing people.

How will SignHealth work to achieve better health for deaf people?

We will be:
1. Doing research in the UK into the health of deaf people. When this research is completed, this will give evidence of what work needs to be done to improve the health of deaf people.
2. Looking at how the NHS plans their services, and making sure that the NHS thinks about deaf people when they are planning how they spend their money.
3. Improving access to communication in the NHS so that Deaf people can understand their health better and take control.
4. Making sure that there are good services for Deaf people (including specialist services for people with mental health problems). To achieve this, we will need to work in partnership with deaf people, deaf organisations, health services and other charities.

If you would like to join SignHealth in improving the health care of deaf people, please look at our website or email ecrowe@ signhealth.

*deaf in this programme is used to refer to the whole range of deafness. It should be noted that we expect that the majority of people coming to the conference will be sign language users who pride themselves on being members of a cultural and linguistic minority.



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