Access to Work reviews

24 01 2008

Arghhh. I have been asked to submit a log of my communication support needs at work so they can review my support and adjust it if necessary. They always think I ask for too much but I always stand my ground and argue back.

What *really* annoyed me this time was the sample log sheet they sent me with simple instructions. It was so patronising that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Do these people really think I’m THAT stupid, just because my hearing’s not perfect? Hey, my brain’s fine, thank you! I was soooo tempted to send it back with a note saying ‘Hey! You’re discriminating against me as there is no picture of a Hearing Dog on the form’. I queried whether they expected me to log every phone call I made and received. Oh yes they did.

Check out the sample log and instructions by clicking on the link –

Support worker log




8 responses

24 01 2008
deaf single

Thanks for sharing your experience. I also had similar before…

24 01 2008

It looks like it was designed for kids.

24 01 2008


Why the hell do they need to know everything that you do?.
Can’t they just do the job they are supposed to do or cant they find out themselves by being there?

24 01 2008

The paperwork required for filling in ATW submissions is time-consuming and does nothing for the performance of a deaf person at work. Would really annoy me to have to log every phone call I made!

If they need to check up on people would be better to do that via observation although it probably wouldnt be a fair assessment – amount of time a deaf person needs an interpreter can vary greatly from day to day.

24 01 2008
Li-Li's Mom

Hmmm, I guess I get the need for some kind of log, but that form and its instructions are ridiculous. You may need to return your form with a slight modification: replace the little graphic of the character with his thumb someplace else.

24 01 2008
Diana Lannin

You’re right…the form is designed by idiots who clearly think you’re an idiot. That said, from a business perspective they need to justify the additional salary of the support person, so they need the log. Why don’t you “help” them and redesign it for them? Show them a what a professional document should look like. Oh, and one more thing….dont’ forget to log the amount of time you spend on entering all your data on the flippin’ log!! 😉

25 01 2008
Tony Barlow

Why not draw a picture of yourself dialling each numbers and show pictures of actions you were doing…..that would wind them up….!! 🙂

Actually, these pictures looked very similar to what we use at work as I work with people with learning disabilities. I imagine they think they are ever so helpful by using visual cues. All in all, they should provided this format when you have specifically asked for it i.e. do you want braille or large print or piccys. They are just assuming…..

25 01 2008

Tony – I am sooo tempted to treat as I have been treated, love the idea of sending them pictures back! But the worry is, they may withdraw funding or make things more difficult for me next time I ask for something. My head’s in a noose!

Diana – Great suggestion. I will do this next time.

Li-Li’s Mom – You crack me up!

Smarty – I also had to log every incoming call as that was captioned as well. I guess they just don’t have the manpower to allow observation.

Fintan & Bill – They’re not exactly bright, are they? They don’t even understand the purpose of the equipment I request and have admitted that to me in the past. The lack of training shows!

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