Deaf Dom Joly?

30 01 2008

Darren went to the hospital yesterday for his new hearing aid to be fitted – what do you think? He’s sure no one would notice it – he says it’s got great volume control!





4 responses

30 01 2008


What would the new CI be like … a halo?

30 01 2008

Makes him look rather queer…

1 02 2008

wow I want one Blazing, lol it will certainly stop you struggling to hear speech, no one will speak to you with that on your ear,
it’s like a deaf dom jolly, HELLO I’M MY NEW AID lol

13 11 2008

Just having a brose on your bolg, while deciding should I tag on mine or not, and come across this post. I don’t know him personally but I get the feeling I’ve seen him before from somewhere, when I was probally a kid. Has he been in the Nottinghamshire area at any point. Otherewise he’s a dead ringer for someone else I’ve come across like him.

As for the aid he was wearing in that pic, it looks rather awkard to wear 😀

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