Deaf identity and cochlear implants

31 01 2008

Click here for a video clip ‘The ugly truth of CI’ from Jack Barr.

I came across this interesting captioned video which gives a CI user’s insight into his experience. It’s a US video but I thought UK viewers would like to see it, as it throws up some interesting questions about identity, communication, perceptions, acceptance, and CI after-care. They never told me you get headaches after a CI! What else don’t they tell you?!

This video makes me think about my deaf identity in terms of a CI, if I had opted for implantation (I was deemed suitable for one), about the communication breakdowns that would result and need rebuilding, about others’ attitudes towards me pre and post-CI. I had a student who had a CI and he didn’t get much after-care support, he was ‘lost’ until he found a group of deafened people he could communicate with and who understood his very valid concerns. Unlike me, he had always been hearing until he suddenly went deaf, so I understood his motives for getting a CI. Hmmmm – all very difficult and emotive issues. I liken opting for a CI to having religious faith – it’s a leap into the dark. I just can’t do it.




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31 01 2008
deaf single

Thanks for sharing

31 01 2008

It is all about being able to communicate,

if you choose to have verbal communication, then try with CI to be able to hear to understand, but if you are unable to, what other option is there?

Regardless about how you are able to hear to understand verbal reality, there is still other option.

These Deaf people are able to have a normal life with sign language, maybe we should explore these option.

I understand that it is hard to have me to enter the “deaf” world to learn sign language, but is there another option besides sign language?

But me being deaf really leaves me out and I need to communicate.

Can you help me about how I can communicate?

They say…What is wrong learning sign language? Is it a taboo? And why?


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