Calling male models

4 02 2008

Isn’t my friend gorgeous?

Are you?

Are you a Deaf/hard of hearing man? Are you incredibly gorgeous? Gorgeous enough to become a male model?

Have you tried to become a professional model but experienced barriers or been rejected by model agencies?

If you think you are hot enough or know someone who is, See Hear would like to hear from you!

Get in touch with the See Hear team and send them a photo and some more information about yourself or your friend.

Email angela.spielsinger at




One response

4 02 2008

no comments, guess were all as ugly as sin lol seems to be a very very narrow/shallow issue for see hear, don’t you think? a doctor yes, lawyer etc but a model? I for one will give that episode a miss for sure, smells of depseration< i can only assume they have found soemone who they wnat to give airtime to who wants to be a model, don’t get me wrong I could be a model too, for the dome lol

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