HOHUK meetings in London

7 02 2008

HOHUK have been holding their meetings and Saturday Tribal gatherings at the Red Lion for the last 3 years. The new landlords are now battling ill health and the private room is unavailable at the moment for HOHUK meetings.

An alternative venue has been found and it’s been booked for the next meeting on Monday 18 February.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month 6pm-11pm.

Venue : The Ship, 3 Hart Street, off Mark Lane, London EC3R 7NB

Or click on THIS LINK to download the location to your SATNAV.

For those of you who would like a little more fun, check out the CRAWL PLANNER.

The Ship does not provide food, but the landlord Ben has said he doesn’t mind if you bring anything in with you, providing food wrappings are cleared up afterwards. Sainsburys is in the next street. Hearing dogs will get bowls of water!! If enough people attend on a regular basis then he will consider buffet type food.

Come and test the new watering hole for future meetings and then we will put it to a vote. Click on THIS LINK and it will give you directions from all stations around the pub.

The Ship has fantastic beer, it gets busy in the early evenings with the darts team and is a friendly little no-frills city pub. Patrons beware – the spiral staircase leading to the gents is very steep – make sure you hold on!

Why not join HOHUK’s friendly online community and meet other hard of hearing people? Go to the YAHOO HOHUK GROUP and sign up.

HOHUK are also on Facebook – check out the group HOHUK under Common Interests / Friends.

Blurb from the Yahoo HOHUK group –

Do you feel isolated because of your hearing loss?

Do you feel you no longer belong in the hearing world but don’t quite identify with the Deaf community either?

Do you find it difficult to socialise, because your friends go to noisy places or group conversations have become so difficult?

Would you like to meet other hard-of-hearing, deafened or deaf people?

Please join and hopefully, we can make friends and help and support each other. Friends and relatives of the hard-of-hearing and Deaf people also welcome! This club is mainly for UK people, but you are welcome to join wherever you are in the world. All welcome!

When you join, please note that you do not have to receive the messages by email. If you prefer, you can just visit the HoHUK site when it suits you and view the messages on the message board. Just go to “edit my membership” and change the settings to “no email/web only”. If you need help, we can change your settings for you.




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