Fright train

9 02 2008

I’m not too happy with train doors. Again.

All because I couldn’t hear the doors beeping in the split seconds before they slammed shut.

We were on our way home and we got to the train station. The train was very crowded and it was difficult to get on. My Hearing Dog jumped on first then the doors slammed shut behind him, before I managed to jump on. I couldn’t get the doors to open, neither could the passengers on the inside of the train, and the train pulled out of the station. With my dog on it. And I was on the platform. It was panic mode. Big time. Holy schmoly.

I ran over to the guard and told him what had happened. He went to his colleagues and they phoned through to the next station. Luckily, some nice person put my dog off the train at the next station, and the station manager took him into his office. I went to the office, put my head round the door, and my dog was standing there wagging his tail, happy as anything.

I kept thinking someone would think ‘Aww, nice dog, I’ll take him home.’

What if I had been sight-impaired and my dog had been a Guide Dog for the Blind? *shudder*

I think the rail companies need to think seriously about access and slowing down those door mechanisms – I’m surprised someone hasn’t been seriously hurt yet by train doors chopping them in half. Or are all those ‘fallen leaves on the line’ and other ‘rail incidents’ really down to people getting trapped in train doors, but the rail companies don’t want to scare commuters and lose their customers?



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9 02 2008

I know what you mean, it’s like that with subways too as well. Haven’t rode one of these in a long time though.

They should have an auto-sensor like they do with elevators.

9 02 2008

Holy moley, you’re right. I never thought about those doors beeping, just was never burdened with packages or a dog on a subway before. They should think about adding flashing strips to the doors…above and both sides, hmm? Elevators have them in some newer buildings: just before the doors start closing, the sides flash.

9 02 2008

That is ridiculous. Speak up and let the commuter know about this! The more complaints, the more likely they will apply some sort of a light system to let hoh and deaf individuals know the door is closing.


11 02 2008

What a nightmare for you!
Reminds me of the story of my nephew – he was out with a childminder in London, when he was aged about 3yrs old and got on the tube without her – the doors closed, with my nephew on board and the minder on the platform. Apparently he was very calm and got off at the next station – but the childminder lost a few lives that day!

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