Sign languages in the UK

12 02 2008

Did you know that signs used in Belfast are very different from those used in the Channel Islands and in England? If you’re a BSL user, complete the BBC’s BSL survey about the signs you use. (Duration: 15 mins or more)



3 responses

12 02 2008

I guess you get different dialects, just as in any language.

12 02 2008

Thought you knew this ..Or your just saying this to a general audance…?
I belive (somone can correct me on this) there are 6 regional sign lanuage.

12 02 2008

Oh yes, I knew! I have friends who use NISL which is quite different sometimes from BSL but there are also similarities. There are quite a lot of similarities between BSL and ASL as well. I meet a lot of people who don’t realise there are regional differences, and get very confused as they try to learn sign language from deaf people who come from different regions.

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