Textphones R Us

19 02 2008

When Teletec closed down at the end of November and the Captel service ceased, I was left with a phone handset that didn’t work. I chose the Geemarc textphone from Typetalk as it is supposed to be very good and was recommended by some friends.

Click here for a demonstration of the Geemarc.

The phone arrived. How exciting! I unwrapped it, read the instructions, inserted the required batteries, connected it to the phone line, switched it on, and phoned a friend. Nothing seemed to happen. I asked a hearing colleague to try for me. No go. We contacted the RNID, Typetalk and our building personnel to try to solve the problem, whatever it was. It turned out there was a bar on the line so they lifted it. The phone still didn’t work.

I sent the phone back to the RNID and a replacement arrived shortly after. I set it up again and tried to make a call. Nothing. How annoying.

Now I’m awaiting further investigation into the phone system set-up. I’ve also discovered Typetalk calls can still be made online, using your computer as a textphone. I tried this some years ago and it kept crashing my computer as the textphone modem and my computer modem worked at different speeds.

If you’re interested (and like taking risks!),

Click THIS LINK for the software and the instructions are here >>>
Using your computer as a textphone

I’ve been without a phone for 3 months now, which is a tad inconvenient, and investigations are ongoing. I am now wondering… for all the good the Geemarc is doing me, will Access to Work approve this Winnie-the-Pooh phone I’ve had my eye on? Check it out, it’s even got flashing lights – just what Access to Work recommended the last time I asked them for a textphone! And at £14.99 it doesn’t even blow their budget 😛



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20 02 2008

MMM. I haven’t been using TT for a while FOL, have you tired calling their helpline? I always found them amazingly helpful in setting me up, but like I say i don’t use it now.
when i was speaking to them they gave me detailed instructions(which have now went in one hearing aid and out the other, wonder if i switch one off it will stay in there) on how to change the speed, baud rate if i remember correctly.
I was one of the folks to pre trial the bt textphone before it became available, i have 2 friends there and now know quite a few of them, they are very helpful, and after all thats what they are there for.

20 02 2008

If the phone is recommended by RNID .. then it says it all doesn’t it!

20 02 2008

like I said I don’t use it now fintan, what phone are you talking about, the one I tested i found great, till the damn thing broke down lol

20 02 2008

ps, it was the BT textphone

23 02 2008

I did get a colleague to call TT helpline (Typetalk) and they were indeed very helpful. The problem still remains unresolved. Our building’s telephone people will be looking into it now. I don’t really want to set it up on my computer as our systems don’t allow software downloads, plus our server is exceedingly slow – plus with me, ‘touch it and it breaks’!

24 02 2008

yeah FOL know what you mean,but they can also send a dvd/cd with the required program,don’t giveup before speaking to them, PM me all the details pls, ill see what I can find out.

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