Withdrawal of Access to Work funding?

28 02 2008

I have just heard of a Department for Work and Pensions current consultation document that includes a proposal to withdraw Access to Work Funding from Public sector bodies – see the link below.

Full consultation

The relevant section is Chapter 5 from page 57 onwards and, in particular, paragraphs 23 – 25. The consultation questions are on page 64.

At Leeds university there are some individuals who are planning to respond in their own right and they are looking into the practicality of a University response.

Would you consider a response from your own HEIs, in which case the deadline for responses is 10th March.

A mass response is being organised from the University of London. If you are interested in lending your support to this response, please email accesstowork@googlemail.com

They have stopped paying for palantypists in Scotland, and I don’t want England to go down the same road or I’ll be working in a cat food factory!




One response

14 04 2008
Problems with DeafRead | DeafUK

[…] Access to Work: potential cut in funding by the government, which means it will be harder to get e.g. BSL/English Interpreters, speech to text for workplace settings, and huge implications on deaf people’s employment in the public sector. (Incidentally something I’ve put off blogging for a couple of months)> […]

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